Laurea Finna

Laurea Finna is a search interface to Laurea Library's print and electronic collection. There are two search pages in Laurea Finna: Basic search and Article search.

Basic search

Basic search finds
  • Printed books and journals and other physical library materials
  • Library subscribed e-journals (search by journal name or ISSN number)
  • E-books. Note! English e-books are indexed on very basic level in Finna. The best place to search for library licensed English e-books is Ebook Central
  • Laurea theses (both print and electronic)
  • Library licensed databases

Article search

  • Article search is designed to find English journal articles
  • English e-books from Ebook Central are also included
  • Technically Article search is built on Primo Central Index (PCI). PCI covers most of the content of the article databases subscribed to Laurea Library.

Personal information and renewing library loans

  • Log in to Laurea Finna in order to renew your loans

Finna's background

  • Finna is maintained by the Finnish National Library. Finna provides access to the collections of libraries, museums, and archives across Finland.
  • Finna is part of the National Digital Library project,